FAQ: Our Towing Leads

At All Local Pros, we pride ourselves on providing our customers high-quality towing leads exclusively within their area. We’re able to do this by generating 100% of our leads ourselves and only working with one business in each region. This means that our customers are never competing with other businesses to land a job, which leads to a much higher closing rate. With that being said, let us give you some information on how our towing leads work:

  • Free Trial: Potential towing customers can enroll to receive towing leads in their area. If your region is available, our team will contact you to complete enrollment and answer any questions you may have. New customers will receive free leads to begin, so they can test out our services before continuing forward.
  • Enrollment: After the trial period is complete, you can choose to register permanently. All leads received after the free-trial period are billed weekly. If you want to cancel, you can choose to do so at any time. There are no hidden fees with our company.
  • Refunds: We believe that you should only pay for the leads that you have the chance to win. If, at any time, you receive a lead that is not up to standard you can submit a refund request. We process all refunds weekly before billing, so you won’t be charged for any bad leads.
  • Types of Leads: Our leads come in 2 forms: calls and forms. Based on our lead generation, customers are able to call your business directly or complete a form online. Forms automatically generate a phone call to your business if they are looking for services within your area. Not able to answer the call? We provide the information you need to be able to return phone calls and follow-up on services.
  • Closing Rate: Our towing customers see an average of 70-80% closing rate on the jobs that we send them!

Now that you better understand how our towing leads work, let’s set you up for your free trial today!



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