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Exclusive legal leads and live transfers with custom filtering to ensure good quality, high conversion rates, and an excellent ROI.


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Your first 5 Legal leads are 50% Off

Shared Moving Leads


We connect with all of our legal leads first to make sure they are qualified per your specifications.

Exclusive Moving Leads

No Long Term Contract

We won't hold you to any long term contracts, and there are no monthly or annual fees. If the leads don't work for you then you can cancel anytime.

Local Moving Leads

Live Transfers

We will deliver potential customers to your team as warm transfers during your business hours.

Exclusive Legal Leads & Live Transfers

The price for our legal leads depends on type of lead, location, method of delivery, and other factors.

Personal Injury

$65 - $1,500

Motorcycle Accident

$90 - $1,200

Motor Vehicle Accident

$90 - $1,200

Workers Compensation

$35 - $350

Medical Malpractice

$25 - $215


$40 - $450


$40 - $325


$40 - $450


*call for pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

We are one of the only lead generation companies who originates 100% of the legal leads we deliver to our customers, which means all of our leads and calls are from people who visit our owned and operated websites. These people are actively looking for legal representation.

A legal lead is someone who completes an online form on our website and is requesting to be contacted by a lawyer. You will be emailed all details about this request including name, phone number, location, and a description of need. 

A legal live transfer is someone who completes an online form on our website and is requesting to be contacted. We connect with the potential customer to make sure they have a need and are qualified to be delivered to your law firm. Once they have been pre-qaulified our team will transfer them to your team via a live transfer.

A live transfer is someone who is on one of our owned and operated websites and calls in to contact a lawyer. When they call in they will be automatically and directly transferred to your business phone number so you or your team can take the call and earn the business.

You can cancel at any time. There are no long term contracts. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

You have to pay for the first five leads in advance. Lucky for you the first five leads are 50% off! We want you to have a risk-free opportunity to see the quality for yourself.

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