Steps to Take When On-Boarding Demolition Employees

Experienced demolition workers bring important skills to any demolition business. However, before new employees can get started working, there are a few essential steps you must take to welcome them to your team. Here are some steps to take when on-boarding new demolition employees:

Paperwork Completion

The onboarding process should begin with the completion of all necessary paperwork. This is the perfect time to gather information like a new employee’s driver’s license or state ID and social security number. You will need these details to document their legal status and begin the payroll process. Make sure your human resources representative takes the time to explain health benefits, 401K, and record of time off.

Company Policies and Code of Conduct

It is important to introduce the company policies, rules, and codes of conduct early to ensure a smooth transition. This should include the proper protocol for customer service, project management, and daily site protocols. Providing company handbooks and discussing the details early can ensure that everyone understands their roles and expectations.

Company Gear

Ensure new hires have the proper company gear they need to get started. This gear includes company shirts, hard hats, and any other personal protective equipment that may be necessary for the job. Take time to explain the importance of wearing the gear and the consequences of not adhering to the wearing standards.

Tool and Equipment Inspection

Make sure the employee’s tools and equipment meet the required standards and have undergone proper inspections. Unsafe tools can cause injury, accidents, and equipment failures. Any tool that lacks proper inspections and is deemed unusable should be replaced or repaired without delay, keeping employee safety a top priority.

Footwear Requirement

Verifying that the employee’s footwear is suitable for the job is important. This ensures that the employee is safe and well-equipped, even in the harshest demolition or construction environments. Require that shoes, work boots, or rubber-soled boots comply with the proper safety standards as outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

In conclusion, the onboarding process is crucial to ensuring a smooth transition for your new hires. By following these steps, you can ensure that on-boarding new demolition employees goes seamlessly. Make the time to train and support your new employees as they join you, and demonstrate that proper consideration towards their well-being is of the utmost importance.

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