Maximizing Profits with Tree Service Leads

There are many providers of tree service leads, and they can be a great way to grow your business by winning more jobs, getting more repeat customers, and earning more of those coveted five star reviews. Each company providing leads will source their leads from different mediums, and they will be delivered to you in different ways. The trick to making tree service leads work is making sure your business model aligns with the quality and delivery method of the lead company you choose.

Exclusive Tree Service Calls

Dedicated Booking Agent: If you are purchasing exclusive tree service calls the most important factor that will determine your success if picking up the phone. People who are calling in have an immediate tree service need, and they want to book a free estimate. If you pick up the phone every time your lead conversion ratio will be excellent. It also helps if the person who picks up the phone is very polite and professional. These two traits go a long way with prospective customers. Answering Service: If you are a small company and are busy working we totally get it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the box and win more jobs. Hiring a professional answering service such as Answer Connect will help you establish a professional image, and ensure that no inbound call goes unanswered. The cost for this service more than pays for itself with one extra job per month, and you will likely win way more than that!

Shared Data Leads

Sales Team for Data Leads (and a sales process): If you are buying data leads you need to have a defined sales process, and preferably a designated sales team to follow that process. The most important factor when determining the success for data leads is how fast you call the person who submitted the lead. If you call within the first five minutes your close rate will be significantly higher. If you wait, they will most certainly book with one of your competitors and you will lose the opportunity to win that job. Furthermore, establishing a sales process where you follow up with that lead multiple times via phone, text, and even email will help you win more jobs and book more revenue. Growing Your Tree Service Company: Buying leads and calls means you are doing more to build your business than just winning more jobs in the near term… you are building relationships in your community, establishing your business as a market leader, and earning more repeat customers. Customer Velocity: Most high quality tree service companies will tell you that their customer velocity is about 15-20%. This means for every 100 new customers this company gets, 15 to 20 of them will become repeat customers. This is very important as this will significantly increase the lifetime value of your customers, make your ROI on purchasing leads much higher, and make your business much more profitable. Make sure you are taking customer velocity into account when determining the effectiveness of any advertising or marketing spend. Reviews: Five star reviews go a long way to build credibility and help you win more jobs. Buying tree service leads means you win more customers, and if you do a good job for those customers some of them will be leaving you five star reviews on Yelp and Google. WINNING! More five star reviews means your organic rankings on Google and Yelp will be much better, and that means you will be getting more calls and winning more jobs.

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