How New Tree Service Companies can Book More Jobs

Buy Tree Service Leads

: The fastest and easiest way to book more jobs really quickly is to start buying tree service leads from companies who are both reputable and have a good track record of delivering high quality leads. High quality tree service leads will have a higher close rate than normal, and in general they will be for high paying jobs within your preferred service area. The best tree service leads will actually be inbound calls where the customer is calling in and looking to book an estimate for tree trimming or tree removal. These inbound calls have a 100% contact rate as long as you pick up the phone and they tend to be very high intent as it takes the customer a good amount of effort to pick up the phone and make the call. In short, they are serious about getting the job done.

Google My Business

: Google My Business, or GMB, or whatever it is called now is the lowest hanging fruit for free, and highly efficient, marketing. The only downside to Google My Business is that it might take a while to start getting calls. You will need to create your business profile, start posting to your profile regularly, and begin getting five star reviews from your best customers. Then, you must do this consistently until you start to rank well. However, once the work is done and the free calls start pouring in, there is no better way to book jobs and make money. Yelp Profile: Most small businesses have a love / hate relationship with Yelp, but the bottom line is this platform can be effective and can help you build your business. A great first step is to create yoru profile, upload great and relevant pictures, and let me people know you have a local presence. You can start advertising right away if you want, but we recommend getting 10+ five star review from real customers before you start advertising as it tends to be slightly more effective.

Call HOA Management Companies

: HOA Mangement companies will manage multiple Homeowners Associations, and they are almost always in charge of soliciting bids from tree service companies. Furthermore, most HOAs, unless they are high rise condo associations have many trees that need to be trimmed or removed on an annual basis. These relationships are gold, and they can lead to huge profits for your business. A good first step is calling these HOA management companies and introducing yourself. Call Property Management Companies: Property Management Companies manage rental properties for private owners, and like HOA management companies they are often in charge of managing all aspects of the business including tree service. Because they manage so many houses and apartment buildings they are almost always looking for tree service companies to help them complete necessary tree work. A great first step to working with these companies is giving them a call and seeing what you need to do to get on their preferred vendor list.

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