What Size Moving Truck Should You Buy?

Are you planning to start your own moving company but aren’t sure what size truck to buy? Choosing the right truck size is crucial for running a successful moving business. After all, you’ll need to transport your customers’ belongings efficiently and safely. In this blog post, we’ll help you determine what size truck to buy based on the average pricing sizes in the market.

Small Trucks

Small trucks, such as a 10-14 ft. truck, are a great choice for those who are just starting their business and have a limited budget. These trucks are easy to maneuver and are versatile enough to handle almost any local move. This size truck can hold about 1 to 2 bedrooms or about 3,000 pounds of household items.

Medium Trucks

Medium-sized trucks, such as a 16-20 ft. truck, are a common choice for moving companies. They can hold about 3-4 bedrooms or up to 6,000 pounds of household items. Moreover, they are generally more fuel-efficient, making them more economical to operate in the long run.

Large Trucks

Large trucks, such as a 24-26 ft. truck, are ideal for those who want to do long-distance moves or for customers who have larger homes. One truck of this size can typically hold about 4 to 5 bedrooms or up to 10,000 pounds of household items. However, buying or renting a large truck can be a bit costlier.

Extra-Large Trucks

Extra-large trucks, such as 40-45 ft. trucks, are chiefly used for commercial or long-distance moves. They are incredibly spacious and can carry about 5 to 6-bedroom homes worth of inventory. However, these trucks require special licenses to operate, and their prices are markedly higher than other sizes.

Consider the Demand

When deciding what size truck to buy, also consider the demand in your local area. If you anticipate that most of the moves you’ll be taking on are for small apartments or condos, then a small or medium-sized truck might be more suitable. On the contrary, if you expect to be handling a lot of large or long-distance moves, a large or extra-large truck may be the smarter investment.

As we’ve seen, selecting the right size truck for your moving company is dependent on your budget, location, and anticipated demand. We hope this guide has simplified the decision-making experience for you, and helped you gain a better understanding of the size moving truck you should buy. Good luck with your new moving company!

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