Demolition Business: Cash In on Tax Refund Season

Tax refund season is an exciting time of year for many Americans, and it can also be a lucrative opportunity for your demolition business. Refund season means that many people suddenly have the funds to complete that home improvement project they’ve been wanting to. This, of course, means that your demolition business can see a boom in business! With most tax refunds hitting people’s pockets in late February through April, this is the ideal time to start marketing your demolition services and preparing your equipment.

To help your demolition business reach optimal bookings and profits this spring, we’ve put together a list of tips that you should follow!

First off, you should begin to advertise your services at least a month before refunds are expected to be available so people can make plans ahead of time. Even though it’s already February, it’s not too late to start! Many people wait until March to file their taxes, which pushes refunds out until April, even for those that file electronically. Putting up ads on your website and social media platforms will put the idea in customers’ heads that you’re available and ready to work on that demolition project they’ve been thinking about!

After you’ve done this, you can begin to reach out to recent customers who you haven’t heard back from or those that said they were going to save up for their projects. Those that were on the fence about a timeline may be ready to get their demolition on the books now! Consider following up with phone calls or a personalized email, as this will also show that you haven’t forgotten about them or their interest.

The next step in preparation is to hire a demolition leads service that works in your area! Lead services, such as All Local Pros, can send viable leads directly to your phone. From there, you can close the deal and get your books filled faster! Typically, demolition businesses see an increase in 5 to 10 calls per week when using these services. Getting your business set up now will allow you time to test out the program and get a feel for how busy you will begin to get come spring.

With your marketing in place, now is the time to prepare for the busy season. Make sure that all of your trucks, trailers, and equipment are maintained and ready to go! Preparing for more work now will ensure that you don’t end up with any big problems while on the job!

Another way that your demolition business can catch a break is by taking full advantage of any allowable tax deductions that may apply to you. Generally speaking, there are two categories of these deductions: those specifically related to the industry (e.g., machinery repairs) or those more broadly applicable (e.g., employee benefits). Taking a full inventory of all your expenses before filing will ensure you don’t miss out on any money-saving opportunities related to these deductions. For help with this, we suggest hiring a business account or CPA that knows how to get you all the deductions you deserve.

Tax season doesn’t have to be a stressful time of year. With proper marketing, service preparation, and understanding of available deductions, your demolition business can truly benefit from tax refund season! Happy busy season!

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