Tree Service Companies: Start Offering Defensible Space Clearing

Land clearing services are a vital part of managing the risk of fire damage and it can be an incredibly lucrative business opportunity for tree service professionals. California leads the country in the most annual wildfires and the most acres burned, while Texas and North Carolina follow in the top wildfire rates. Oregon, Montana, and Washington have also topped the charts with high acreage destruction when fires have occurred. If you’re in the tree service industry you already know that the frequencies of wildfires and their rapid spread rates are most often caused by a lack of land maintenance and clearing. That’s where you come in. Do you offer and advertise services that can help homeowners, especially in these high-fire-risk regions, prepare for wildfires and reduce the risk of their properties becoming a victim of devastation? If you do both of these things, then this article isn’t for you. But if your tree service company doesn’t, here are some steps you follow so that you can start offering defensible space clearing services for fire protection: Find Your Niche Market: Chances are that if you’re considering offering fire prevention clearing, you’re already in an area that’s high risk for fires. By researching specific neighborhoods, towns, and areas that are the most affected, you can begin to market your services to specific future customers. Consider looking into fire insurance costs for homes in your area of service. Finding what the insurance requirements are, such as the distance from firehouses and 24-hour manned firehouses, can point you in the right direction of what to search for when considering localized marketing. Areas that are forced to pay more in fire insurance are most likely to be looking for land-clearing and fire prevention services. Know Requirements For Defensible Space: Make sure to research what it means to create defensible space on websites such as Knowing the specific requirements of how far trees and shrubs need to be cleared from houses and structures will be essential if you’re offering these services. The more you know, the more prepared you’ll be to answer questions that your customers may ask, even if they’re not related to your offered services. Localize Advertising: Now that you know what areas are most likely to be looking for these services you should consider advertising there specifically. Things like buying a billboard or putting up road signs on the main streets will catch the eye of locals. Make sure to advertise fire-prevention and land-clearing services specifically, as this is the main service that you’re looking to book out there. Don’t forget to connect with companies that offer tree service leads in your area! You can use them to get more jobs sent your way. We also recommend investing in yard signs that display your business name, contact information, and services available. Upon completion, you should ask your customer if they’re okay with you leaving a sign in their yard for neighbors to view if they are also looking for similar services. Now that you know what to do before offering defensible space services, here’s the added bonus that your business will see – increased profits. Many people in high-risk areas are happy to pay for these services, not just for peace of mind, but also for a reduction in their fire insurance costs. The high drive in insurance premium costs is leading to a huge boost in preventive measures. In addition to helping homeowners prepare for wildfires, you are also helping them save money on insurance.

defensible space clearing services for fire protection

Offering defensible space clearing services for fire protection is an excellent way for your tree service company to generate additional profits while also helping to reduce the risk of destructive wildfires ravaging their local communities — something everyone can benefit from! Start doing your research today if you aren’t already offering these services.

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