Add-On Services Moving Companies Should Offer

The moving business can be a competitive one, and in order to stay ahead of the game it’s important to offer customers something other companies don’t. One way to do this is by offering add-on services that customers may not have considered or even know about. Or maybe they’ve thought decided against these services to ‘save money’ but are now in a bind on moving day and are considering their options. Here are some add-on services that can boost your sales and your customer satisfaction rates!

  • Packing Assistance – Many people underestimate or overlook how time-consuming packing up an entire home can be, and offering additional support here can help take some of the stress away from their move. This is a service that should be offered upon the initial inspection and added to your quote ahead of time. By doing this you can ensure that you have enough staff there to provide this service and complete the move on schedule.
  • Packing Materials – Customers may have opted to pack themselves, but what’s worse than running out of packing materials at the last minute? Being prepared with extra supplies available to sell to your customers is an easy way to boost sales and help your customer’s stress levels. No need to run to the store for more boxes, tape, or moving blankets if you have them available already!
      • Tip: Investing in these supplies ahead of time and in bulk will ensure that you get the best deal on pricing. Purchasing a 12-pack of moving blankets for $75 online, for example, versus buying them individually from the store for $9 would save you $33. Then if you sell them for $10 each, your profit will increase to nearly $80 versus the $12 profit margin that you’d be getting if you didn’t buy in bulk. Need we saw more?
  • Furniture Assembly – After customers are moved to their new location, they may be looking for assistance with future assembly. By providing this as an add-on service, movers can give their customers the convenience of having their items ready for use without the hassle! Think about this from the customer’s perspective – wouldn’t you like someone else to put your new furniture together after you spent the day dealing with moving? Easy sell, if you ask us!
  • Unboxing Services – Offering services to help your customer unbox their items after the move is complete could ensure that you get maximum profits from a job. This could be charged by box or by hour, which means that you can establish what the customer is wanting and if you are willing to offer those services.

By adding these types of extra services, moving companies can increase customer satisfaction while also giving themselves a competitive edge in what is becoming an increasingly crowded market! In addition, they can maximize their sales and increase their profit margins, which can lead to overall company growth. We know that you want to be the best moving company around, and offering these services will put you above your competitors.

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