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Moving Leads – How Intent, Exclusivity, and Time to Contact Affect Your Close Rate

There are a lot of companies who provide moving leads, and as most moving companies know by now the quality and close rate between the leads provided by these companies varies significantly. This variation can be explained by three main components… Intent, exclusivity, and time to contact.


There are a finite number of ways moving leads can be generated, and the customer’s intent while filling out the lead form will have a direct impact on your close rate. For example, if someone is searching on the internet for “Moving Company Near Me” there is a very good chance they are indeed looking for a moving company near them who can presumably help them complete a move in the near future. In contrast, someone who is scrolling through their Facebook feed and sees an ad for “20% off Local Moves” may complete the lead form, but they weren’t really looking for a moving company and they might not be moving until next Spring. The lead that came from someone searching the internet for moving companies will certainly have a higher likelihood of being closed than the lead that came from the person who was looking for memes on Facebook.
Highest Intent Moving Lead Generation Strategies
  • Internet Search – People who are searching on the internet for moving companies, or moving company prices.
  • Referral – People who are referred by customers or real estate agents. When these people call in they are ready to book.
  • Directories – Yelp, Thumbtack, etc. These directories are used by people who are searching for a service to be performed in the near future.
Lowest Intent Moving Lead Generation Strategies
  • Display – People who are on other websites and are not actively looking for a moving company.
  • Social Media – People who are laughing at memes on their Instagram account and are not looking for or worried about a move.
  • Telemarketing – People who are contacted (often illegally) and who were enjoying dinner when they got interrupted (not thinking about a move)
  • Cross Selling – People who asked for a quote for a different service (home painting, roofing, etc), then decided they would like a moving estimate as well.
If you are a moving company and are considering purchasing moving leads it would be wise to ask the lead providers how they are sourcing their leads. If they are originating their own leads they should have a clear idea about the intent behind them. However, if they are purchasing their leads and then reselling them to you it might be a little murky as their source is unknown (at least unknown to you). To be clear, leads from low intent generation strategies can still produce excellent customers, but your close rate is certain to be higher with leads generated using high intent strategies. However, intent isn’t the only thing that matters!


: This is an easy one. If the moving lead goes out to 4 other companies, and you are competing with immediately with said companies, your close rate will obviously be lower. There will be the low-price guy, the “quality work” guy, and everything in between. Standing out in this environment is difficult, but some companies have it figured out and still close quite well. However, if you are the only one who is getting¬†exclusive moving leads, your close rate will certainly be higher.

Time to Contact:

The sooner you make contact with a moving lead the better chance you have of converting that lead into a job. Contacting the lead within the first five minutes has will significantly improve your close rate (by up to 3x). Obviously, inbound calls are the best as the customer is calling you and your time to contact is essentially zero. If inbound calls are not an option we recommend using a click-to-call technology that will automatically generate a call when a data lead has been generated. This will reduce your time to contact to 15-20 seconds, and will have a significant impact on your close rate and your bottom line.

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