What is a Good Name for a Junk Removal Company?

We talk to people who are new to junk removal almost every day, and one of the first big decisions anyone needs to make when considering starting a junk removal company is…. What should I name it?? After working with 100+ junk removal companies we can give you some great tips about what works well, and what does not. A good name will immediately tell the customer what you do. For example, if the name of my company was “Joe’s Property Services”, would you know what my company does? Probably not, because the phrase “property services” can mean almost anything. Property services could be mowing the lawn, painting, picking up dog poop, or junk removal. The same thing applies to the term “logistics”. This word is so general in nature that it doesn’t really tell the customer what your company does. However, if you use the phrase “junk removal” or “junk hauling” in your name, the customer will immediately know what you do, and they are much more likely to reach out and engage with your company.

The name should be searchable.

If you plan to do any marketing, which you should be planning on doing, then you want to make sure your company pops up when people are searching on line for “Junk Removal Near Me” or similar terms. Most people search for “junk removal” because that’s what the service is. Therefore, if you want to be found online and want to make a lot of money, you should include the words “junk removal” in your name. A personal or unique identifier that enhances the brand, tells the customer more about your service, or tells the customer something about yourself. A few great examples of companies that have built a great brand in their area are JunkMD in San Diego and Junk Patrol in Roseville, CA. Both of these company names tell the customer immediately what they do, and are very recognizable in the community. Other great names we have seen include Box Brothers Junk Removal and Happy Junk Removal. These names are simple, understandable, and have been the foundation for a great business. After settling on a great name for your new junk removal company the next step is to start booking jobs. There is no easier way to book jobs than to start out buying high quality junk removal leads. Specifically, buying exclusive calls for people who are looking for junk removal services in your area can help you make $10,000+ per month when you are just starting out. Then, as you start to develop relationships and build your local brand you can start to double, or even triple that monthly revenue goal.

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